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    Here you'll find a varying collection of fresh and relevant art, an intricate mix of timeless and contemporary works created by a host of local and nationally renowned artists. Our intuitive design sense helps collect the perfect art pieces, collectibles and installations that amplify your personality, space and design style.

    'Design is poetry’ is the inspiration behind our brand of curated art. The name 'Vennba' draws inspiration from a classical form of Tamil poetry, where each verse is governed by a framework of pre-defined rules and sounds. It aptly reflects our process of adapting art and science into existing spatial design and established context to invoke the same harmony.



    We have invested years building a treasured relationship with our thoughtful collection of artists. This strong bond we have nurtured allows us to curate bespoke pieces and commissions that are tailored to the spatial and aesthetic needs of every client, from the seasoned art collector to the enthusiastic neophyte.


    At Vennba, we've gathered a talented team with artistic and discerning tastes to source and recommend special art collections according to space availability and budget. We have an eye for detail and a penchant for all things creative, with a profound desire to curate and frame each exhibit in its setting in the best manner possible.
    To enhance the unique, seamless experience further, Vennba provides digital previews of your selection, mock-ups of the artwork through 3D renderings of your space or for a physical experience you can arrange for a private viewing at the gallery or your location.

    Brand of

    Pencil & Monk

    P&M is known for being able to instantly and exclusively understand, interpret and elevate customer vision, and we found that countless clients also sought our participation and direction when purchasing art. Thus we decided to extend our hands-on approach from personal space design to this labour of love.